About Us

Who are we ?

Omerta Security is a Canadian cybersecurity company, born in 2019 from the desire of a young computer scientists to expand the field of cybersecurity by focusing on the boost that digital brings to companies. Initially focused on cybersecurity, the organism has gradually diversified with the integration of security awareness training, disaster planning and high-end compliance services.

The expertise arising from the experience acquired internationally,  particularly in large American distribution groups for more than 10 years has enabled Omerta Security to innovate in the cybersecurity sector at the company’s service. 

Omerta Security is a cutting edge  technology company  which is always looking to renovate itself. Our goal is to be able to bring something new in the cyber world that inspires for the betterment of the tomorrow.

24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

In the event of a serious problem or emergency, it is important to contact Omerta security via Email or our service line. The service is available 24/7. 

  • Managed Web Application
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Content Delivery Network
  • 24/7 Hours services
  • Security Management
  • Instant Malware Removal
  • Free Delivary Services
  • Website Hack Repair
  • Website Security Services
  • Provide Security services

Complete And Effective Protection For Your Home And Office

For all your Cybersecurity needs we offer high-end services as follows; Identify, neutralize, ensure peace of mind & continued remote support for your business.

Check And Search Hazards

We believe in routing out a problem completely, so our first step is a large scale scan from of all your devices and network to identify the threat & the damage it's dealt. Then we identify the tools needed for the job.

Install and Configure Software

We proceed with eliminating the threat and repairing the damage done. we double check the system once more to make sure no rock was left unturned before installing & reconfiguring the software.

Departure of the Our Experts

Before our agents depart physically or virtually, we give you a full report of the Diagnosis as well as the possible cause of the threat. We give words of advice to further stay protected from the same or potential future menaces.

24/7 Support and Remote Admit

We define excellence by giving our customers more than what is paid for. We remote monitor your system a few more times to make sure there's no further attempt to attack our clients and if identified, we take care of them.

Innovative Electronic Protection Of Your Office And Home Control Online

There's always a way to enter a building unauthorized. It may be by lock picking or through and opened back door. Like a thief in the night, a hacker also uses these techniques to gain access to your building. One way  a hacker may use to access your business is by attacking your telecom system in other words your door bell. We've discovered that this are one of the ways a hacker gains access to a company very easily so we've added the intercom protection service  as one of the innovative vulnerabilities to be secured. 

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It’s no secret that surveillance cameras, like many other internet of things (IoT) devices, are full of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Most surveillance camera networks are usually connected to the internet and allow users to access them remotely for various purposes. For example, this allows homeowners to check on their homes while they are away or law enforcers to receive information about what is happening in a public place without being there. Camera manufacturers use remote access to update the software, which, unfortunately, also makes cameras extremely vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Cameras, just like all other devices connected to the internet, have IP addresses that are easy to find using Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices. Omerta security has anticipated this common problem an is always ready to make sure no rock is left unturned & that includes the cameras.

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We use optimized encryptions to make sure your messages and emails don't fall into the wrong hands. We use symmetric & asymmetric encryptions accordingly to make sure we have you and your assets fully covered accordingly.

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Our Goal is to make sure you have complete peace of mind. To accomplish that feat we make sure to implement up to par security measures for your Office and homes devices.

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Our Approach To Security

The general approach to security is very sophisticated. At  Omerta Security we want to inspire. We make sure that we simplify everything we do so anybody can understand what we do and see the value they paid for.

  • Secure By Design

    We provide security in a way that is understood by all even the elderly. Like it is supposed to be.

  • Compliant By Design

    Technology never cesses to renovate so we make sure all our clients are up to date. being compliant is being cooperative.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    It only takes a seven second distraction to cause a car accident. It's the same thing in cybersecurity it only takes a matter of second to be compromised by a hacker so, we adapt the spirit of continuous monitoring to avoid these accidents

What Client’s Say About Us

Our work usually speaks for itself but sometimes our clients show us their genuine satisfaction so we make sure they are heard. You don't have to take our word for anything, take theirs!